This is a basic shooting class with a holster or other concealment.

This is NOT a NRA course like NRA's Basic Pistol. NRA designs their pistol course to be taught in a classroom with purchased NRA materials, then go to a public shooting range. Pistol from holster training is not allowed at public shooting ranges and therefore can only be conducted on private property.

Recommended future courses: FFT Complete Firearm Self Defense Program

This training course is designed to provide the trainee with basic pistol/handgun shooting skills working with a holster. The training will focus on the following objectives:

This training course is NOT a firearm self defense course.

This training course is NOT a National Rifle Association course.

This training course WILL satisfy Florida Statute 790.06 for
concealed carry license. A completion certificate will be issued.

Approximate start to finish time is about three (3) hours once training begins.

The current training location is on private property.

Course Length: Approximately 3 - 4 hours

Fee: $110.00
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Each trainee will receive one!
Flashbang Bra Holster