This is a multi-course program that offers complete training to equip a person with skills and knowledge to avoid being a victim of crime and to survive a lethal force attack.

Module 1 is a classroom course.
Everything begins in your home; it is your refuge, your castle. There in a phrase, "the best firefight is the one you're not in." This class provides information and knowledge to fortify your home inside and outside against intrusion to avoid a lethal confrontation in the first place. Ideas which can be implemented at very little cost. Some information will surprise you! The class also addresses situtations away from home. All content is presented in a PowerPoint slide show with pictures, illustrations, video & demonstrations.

Module 2 is a Live Fire Basic Shooting course.
This course will bring your basic pistol/revolver handling and shooting skills up to a level in preparation for tactical pistol training. Trainees must qualify by demonstrating safe handling, pistol/revolver knowledge and marksmanship to advance to Module 3.

Module 3 is LASR Tactical & Diagnostics (see video on FFT News page)
Using a Laser Pistol and Laser Activated Shot Report software, trainees will learn tactical skills involving multiple targets, shooting & moving to cover and magazine changeouts. All shots & hits are timed and reported by the software. This is to prepare the trainee for Live Fire Tactical Training.

Module 4 is Live Fire Tactical Training.
This course is real world scenario training. You're gonna get dirty so don't wear your "Sunday Go To Meetin' " clothes. Trainees will learn various pistol/revolver handling & shooting techniqes; drawing from holster or from concealed location, multiple targets, moving to cover, shooting from cover, under vehicle shooting, shooting from inside vehicle, strong hand & off hand shooting, tactical mag/speed loader changeouts, ambush defense and more...all exercises will be timed using a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II shot timer.

Module 5 is Combat Mindset class.
All the training in the world isn't going help you survive a lethal force attack if you don't possess the will and mental preparation to take a life. This is a classroom course centered around an instructional video created by Paul Howe, former Army Delta Forces operator & LEO. Discussion, questions & answers follow the video.

Program completion certificates will be awarded.
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